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Sachet Of Gin


Once upon a time I was on a plane, and I thought it would be a good idea to have a G&T…

Yep, that’s a sachet of Gin… yummy… not!

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Whilst Driving Safely Down The Road


Whilst minding my own business driving down the A34 I came across something very strange… I of course couldn’t take a picture due to driving, but if you put one on top of the other you will be pretty much there.

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Boarding Passes


How incredibly exciting… here’s a picture of my boarding passes. Premium for first half, economy for second half. A big difference!

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Plane Ranting


Some ranting I did whilst flying, I decided not to edit it up and make it make sense, but instead, leave it as written as a mind dump. So read on if you are that bored…

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