Plane Ranting


Some ranting I did whilst flying, I decided not to edit it up and make it make sense, but instead, leave it as written as a mind dump. So read on if you are that bored…

Well it’s nice to be able to write on a plane and not have to have the monitor in dark desperate to hold charge for more than 2 minutes. After a lot of turmoil and some comedy embarrassment for the steward guy we got the plug working. Basically the problem was that someone had the adapter in upside down. This only works for about 20 mins thought, after that every time I plugged it in it lasted about 2 seconds before turning off again.

So what’s going on… I’m currently watching The Wrestler, Rourke is about to die cos he is pushing his training after the heart operation. Luckily he keeps going back to the strip joint so all is good.

Food so far has been surprisingly good, instead of the usual inedible salad, there was a (wait for it) edible salad, with beef with green stuff on it and mash. Then there was Port Salut and crackers for pudding along with a Mars Ice Cream.

Token plane carnage is starting to kick in, people trapped by other people.

Little bugger next to me just whacked out his MacBook, smugggg bugger… hope he has the same charger fail I had. Luckily he did, and spent the rest of the flight arguing with his mum.

I think the stewardess’s have all got changed to be more suitable for their Hong Kong hosts on arrival, how strange. They never did this on flights to the states, ya know, put on an extra hundred pounds or start singing country western music.

And that’s about where the battery ran out…

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