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Mashed in-between all the news reports of Swine Flu killing the entire world, I heard a story on the radio this morning about Fiji and the media censorship going on there. From a little research it doesn’t appear to be a new story so I won’t go into too much detail. By all accounts the new chief has put restrictions on the Fijian media, kicked out all foreign journo’s and shut down the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio transmitters – source: Brisbane Times and ABC Australia.

Working in the word of mouth world, censorship is an issue which comes up from time to time, so the issues resonated some what.

My favourite part of this story is the Fiji Daily Posts’ daily posts… as they have also been censored and are not allowed to cover what is really going on, they have started writing about extremely interesting topics like paing drying, a man getting on a bus and most excitingly, about breakfast.

Weird times.

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