The Support Band Crazy Arm

Sun 02/03/2008 21:12 02032008051
Sun 02/03/2008 21:12 02032008052

This is the second cool band of the day. The first was a totally random acoustic set by a couple of guys I dont remember the names of in The Worlds End in Camden. City and Colour esq. Shame the music here was ruined by some tards called Pale Blue Eyes. More to come on that in another post.

So Crazy Arm, energetic youngsters from the west country, one could be mistaken into thinking they were from one of the southern states of the U S, but infact, Plymouth. A four peace they still managed to fill the stage, bassist liked to shake the knees elvis style dance, whilst the two guitarists sorted the vocals. Singularly, the lead vocals, at times, reminiscent of Foo Fighter Dave Grohl. Together, the two pulled off some talented duets in terms of both sync and sound.

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