User Registration Goodness


Imagine my excitement when I got an email saying that someone had registered for this site. I was slightly suprised, as there is no reason to register, you get the RSS feed / commenting rights whether you are registered or not.

Of course, I quickly loaded up the admin pages to check out who the lucky person was… “alina77vere9UK” with the email address “”. Like what the hell? Google came to my rescue, a quick search sent me in the direction of So The Very Rediculous and The Lair of the Cubelodyte blogs. Both basically stating that this is spam tastic! Seems that I’m not the only “lucky” one. A big thanks to these two sites for their insights on this!

User deleted! Now I’m lonely again…



  1. Mike  •  Mar 23, 2008 @5:28 pm

    It appears that some bot is registering this user on wordpress blogs. And don’t feel bad, you aren’t the only one with one user. 😉


  2. Sean  •  Mar 23, 2008 @8:38 pm

    Tried to get you a beta code, but mail was refused to “”

    So, here I am to provide.

    Use beta code “pingit” to jump in on the beta.

    Pass that code around too, if you want.


  3. admin  •  Mar 23, 2008 @9:06 pm

    Sean, thank you !!!

    No idea why the email doesn’t work, i guess i best look into that at some point. But now, time to play on Ping!


  4. chris  •  Mar 24, 2008 @7:04 am

    thanks! I had the same thing..thought it was especially weird because my register button is pretty well hidden.

  5. joker  •  Apr 4, 2008 @10:29 pm

    I really don’t understand why people delete the account. I came up with a better solution. 1 I changed the password. 2 I made it so the user doesn’t even have read rights. 3 I changed almost everything about the user to indicate it is a spam account. 4 I disabled the forgot password feature.

  6. admin  •  Apr 4, 2008 @10:56 pm

    nice approach joker, only deleted it because that was a 2 button press solution

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