Cute (ish)…

Tue 22/04/2008 21:20 22042008232

… i guess



  1. Rob Harries  •  Apr 22, 2008 @11:02 pm

    Is this your blog Colin? Maybe you should do something more productive than this and taking ur trousers off at werk!

  2. Ryan  •  Apr 23, 2008 @10:33 am

    Bomhead has a funny coloured cock…. Donna seems to approve though

  3. admin  •  Apr 24, 2008 @6:07 pm

    You sound suprised mr Ryan?

    And yes Rob this is my blog and i do “sometimes” very rarely use it for anything else. Sometimes i post pictures of my mates looking stupid (see above) and sometimes i even post about what im drinking. Productive yeah baby!

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