Twitter Updates for 2008-04-27

  • Spent alot of the day trying to make qik work. when gave up started drinking. easier that way 😀 #
  • @Whatleydude Doc Who is fabulous. Just watched it myself, very impressed. Best one of the Tate era so far! #
  • I really need to go get my car from Tap’s place. someone offer me a lift to didcot damn it! #
  • Searching music collection for random words (technique stolen from the older version of me). Success with Shine, Plate, Cow + Glide so far #
  • Terminal 5!?! *feels delayed already" #
  • @bbcsport please ask the FA to put it on Youtube after they are done with it! #
  • Golfing Pictures #
  • Lost, good fun though! #
  • I should really start packing for LA tomorrow soon. Lazy #
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