Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29

  • knackered, work done, tv/relax/sleep me thinks. BIG thanks to @msjen for taking us out and to amir for coming along 🙂 I like japanesse food #
  • Up and about, work time 🙁 #
  • @ceejay2222 where did you get it from? Are any websites doing a deal on GTA IV? #
  • Great timing, Hi to my new follower @broy, just in time to help me set Qik up on a second device. Can i email? DM me #
  • @missdd Thats an even weirder thing to chant… maybe Vieira? #
  • Sitting in the hotel bar watching the champs league #
  • @jakkychamp and @rem0te first round of what? Sharing a bed? #
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