Twitter Updates for 2008-05-06

  • 3am phone calls from abroad, ideal. Good thing i’m still awake anyway. Worried, leaving for airport in 3 hrs, no sleep yet. #
  • Hours kip, lets see how driving to london goes. Nervous #
  • Yay 20 miles of traffic running up to heathrow. Only busy between junction 10 and 1. Luckily, i just passed j10. Bugger #
  • I Spy.., #
  • Boo this hotel room sucks… i want the one i had last time again 🙁 this is worse than horsy’s was #
  • Which New Yorker (who isnt a rapist/murderer) wants to go for drinks tonight? #
  • Feels special as he has been on the same plane as 50 cent #
  • In ny venue, drinking stella, talking to locals. Its happy hour baby! #
  • @whatleydude shorts defo. I’ll wear mine around tomorrow if you do? #
  • @whatleydude shorts defo. I’ll wear mine around tomorrow if you do? #
  • @sylwiapresley better better be for gallery. Dont leave us! #
  • oh good, i’m multi tweeting and multi wording. not working out great #
  • ok bored of waiting for the boss. He’s been standing next to me in a meeting for two hours. I’ll come back tomorrow #
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