Twitter Updates for 2008-06-08

  • I Does Hates working on sundays 🙁 #
  • OMG colin jackson is presenting a chat show on bbc1 #
  • Oh dear #
  • 5million dollars for winning the 2020 world championships. REDICULOUS! #
  • I want Sidebottom to get angry again, funny times yesterday! #
  • Martha’s Dream #
  • Well bowled england, great result, Also just published my match report from last w/e: #
  • Who broke Jaiku? And Twitter is being gay too! #
  • @arnold yeah same here, i do most stuff via sms, but when im sitting on the couch with my laptop out it seems silly to sms 😛 #
  • Facebook down now too? :S #
  • @arnold @jsonstone 5am? You crazy party animals! Sunday lunchtime here, bathing in CA style sunshine 😀 #
  • @musingsofamanc there, ive even put txt updates on 😀 #
  • Off to cricket. Come on boys #
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