Twitter Updates for 2008-06-12

  • Trying twhirl out #
  • @arnold staying in hotel next to union square, I’m there sun > wed. And yeap, i’m open to anything again! including karaoke (maybe) #
  • @JsonStone driving is the best time to listen to music, especially when you are driving alone #
  • @bryan where ya off to? #
  • @bryan HAWAAAIIIII sweet man! SF should be good, shame your not gunna make it along #
  • Artists Impression #
  • @ricgalbraith Ha ha ha #
  • YEESSSS Free beeeerrrr for Austria #
  • @missdd you still working too? #
  • Onto S2 of my Family Guy recap… #
  • @missdd weather said that it would in the night… dum dum dum #
  • Back To The Woods – Family Guy #
  • @missdd option 1) keep phone on, get woken up and feel shit at work, 2) silent phone, no alarm, no work, no woken up. WIN WIN WIN #
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