Twitter Updates for 2008-06-16

  • What a horrendous journey! Can it get worse? Will blog the incidents laters #
  • is this basketball something important? Lots of people at the tv’s. #
  • @arnold who are the purple and golds? i can only find celtics lakers on tv now? #
  • Heres some tweets i wrote earlier which didnt post….[spam] #
  • People eat weirdly here #
  • Just asked in restaurant/bar if the steak comes with chips, took ages to twig why i was getting such a strange look back #
  • Steaks dont come with fries?!? #
  • Budweiser and Lamb Shank in “Authentic” irish bar #
  • Feeling bad for the guy wondering around who is clearly lost looking for the pissers, will be me later #
  • Two people next to me are clearly on a date, the dude is doing well, i should interrupt? #
  • Ok i’m done wit that spam now [/spam] #
  • @bryan 😀 glad to be of use! #
  • @arnold dude said it came with a little bit of salad. i think he realised i was a brit and that a 12oz steak is big for us. #
  • GOOD MORNING Twitter USA #
  • @missdd not there, but watching launch online! Heading up for breakfast on the 32nd floor soon ;p #
  • So it appears that same sex marriages are being legalised in CA this evening. This seems suspicious with just me and galbo here #
  • Haribo for breakfast!! #
  • @jakkychamp what a load of “who har”. no questions over why a charity worker was in a casino gambling the raised money away #
  • @ricgalbraith breakfast soon? text me when u get out of bed you lazy BEEP #
  • @Jeremy_Jeffers get off the bandwagon #
  • too much breakfast, need lie down 😛 #
  • MSN broke again 🙁 #
  • Back from Venue for tomorrow night, looking very nice #
  • OMG NO… ANDY GRAY is commentating on Euro’s for ESPN 🙁 #
  • Disappointed that i am leaving the states before Discovery Black Gold is on 🙁 #
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