San Francisco Day 4


Now day 4, no one likes the return home day, yet everyone loves getting home. Again won’t bore with the details, breakfast, however I did have a very nice view of Alcatraz, and work in the morning, check out at 12, some more work in the upstairs bar. By upstairs I mean 36th floor.

Me and Cookie decided that as we had a couple of hours to kill before we had to head to the airport we would head beachwards. after struggling to persuade the taxi man there must be a beach within an hours drive we finished up at the harbour by the Golden Gate bridge. Was so nice to walk along the sand, paddling a bit (a lot) and wondered all the way to the bottom of the Golden Gate bridge. Loads of kodak moments (shot on a Nokia, go figure). We saw the protected albatrosses fly past us in a group. They basically patrol Alcatraz now, and anyone caught touching them can be jailed. So yes if they attach you, all you can do is run the hell away. So the rumour says anyway.

After walking around for around 30 mins we finally found a taxi, back to hotel for bags then straight back into taxi for the airport. Bought some gin then got on the plane, which is where I am now sitting writing this with Cookie asleep next to me. I’m gunna pop off for a nap any second now too, G&T and a bottle of wine will help with that.

Big love and will probably have seen most of you before I get around to posting this.



  1. missdd  •  Jun 19, 2008 @9:42 pm

    WHAT do you mean you went to the beach? I havent even seen NY since I got here coz ive been locked in my hotel room working 😉 apart from the time I walked through central park!

  2. admin  •  Jun 20, 2008 @9:10 am

    There was a couple hours to kill before we had to fly home.

    You walked around central park… there you go quit ya whinging woman! Also, I’m sure i heard that you guys were going to a writing restaurant and then out on the beerssssssss

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