Twitter Updates for 2008-07-12

  • Morning twitter. Here begins an epic day. Home > Lords > brighton #
  • On delayed 917 from didcot to london. On it? Come say hi #
  • Baker street underground. Getting close now #
  • Lunch. Great morning for england. Someone send me a direct download link for nokia internet radio please #
  • beers for every wicket. Come on bowlers #
  • @ricgalbraith good spelling sir. Clearly predictive text playing up? #
  • @ribot you about? #
  • On train to brighton #
  • @ribot where in hove? I’m staying by the angel statue! #
  • punk rock kareoke. Come see me make a tard of myself again #
  • In some club. Its trying to be metal but failing. Cute really #
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