Twitter Updates for 2008-07-14

  • @zacharye muwahahahahahahahaha… you get the picture 😀 #
  • @thenokiablog the situation was cute, the club/metal was FAR from cute #
  • @bensmithuk swanky! #
  • Whacking about #
  • Marseille fans are trying to raise 28million to buy drogba… funny #
  • @PaulieA At lords on a sunny day yes, in thecloudy conditions somewhere “swingy” anderson could be a better choice. #
  • @PaulieA i guess the problem is that its 1 match winning performance in 5. If a batsman got a century at a one in five ratio he’s doing well #
  • @PaulieA freddie makes another claim for selection #
  • @badgergravling Hi 🙂 #
  • @badgergravling I have a car, i love to drive, so me! #
  • Chinesse goodness #
  • @missdd chicken chow mein and spring rolls. You know where it is lol #
  • Working, Boo #
  • laptop slowly shutting down, bed time, first prison break series 3 though #
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