Twitter Updates for 2008-07-18

  • Being regaled with the carnage of last night. #
  • Twitter back up, no twirl though :S #
  • Got some very strange tuna and sauce combination. lets see #
  • Truck tonight #
  • @sylwiapresley no, @adamjohnstone isnt in the printer, he couldnt connect with it properly. also there isnt room for boats in a printer! #
  • first headache in about 3 months. and i didnt even drink #
  • Beer, cide, gin, apple sours, jager and bucks fizz… sounds like a messy day to me #
  • @missdd come to truck #
  • At truck. Everything set. Beer time. Number 2 already #
  • @missdd lucky you! Jealous #
  • @missdd only beer so far. Night is early. #
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