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A lot of recent discussion over what the England cricket team should be, so I thought I would make my ideas public. So will run through who and why.

I’ll go in batting order to make things easier for me.

Alastair Cook: Solid opening batsman, seems to get a start in almost every innings he bats. Once he matures he will turn all these sixties into hundreds consistently. I can also see him being a candidate for future captaincy.

Joe Denly: We need some new blood at the top of the order, he is young and has a lot of potential. I’m not 100% sure he is the right man for the job, but a left / right combination is always preferable, and I’m fed up of Strauss not performing.

Michael Vaughan: Best captain in International cricket at the moment, needs a break from Test cricket so he can go get some runs in county cricket. Whether this will happen anytime soon is doubtful. You would normally like your number 3 to be averaging 50+, but I see his captaining being worth 10-15 runs on the average.

Kevin Pietersen: As good as we have got. When you need runs mr KP always seems to step up. Look at the first test versus South Africa. Only problem KP has is his temperament, he is likely to totally lose his head once in a while. An acceptable compromise to have him in the team if you ask me.

Ian Bell: Classy batsman who is the best in front of bat close fielder we have. Seems to suit the number 5 role more so than the number 3 which he had a few years ago. Maybe it’s a pressure thing?
Andrew Flintoff: Have faith in him please! In a tight spot with the ball this guy will make things happen. Even when he is bowling around 85mph and Harmy is flying in at 92mph, the batsman still complain that Flintoff seems to be the quickest bowler we have. Its all about hitting the deck hard. I have him batting at 6, because we all know he is good enough, just needs some match practice and a spell of good fitness.

Matt Prior: Third or fourth best wicket keeper in the country, so I hear you ask what is he doing in the team? Well he can bat, and he can bat well. If we are going to go with 5 bowlers then we need Prior in to strengthen the batting line up. The runs he gets will in the end make up for any bloopers he makes with the gloves on.

Stuart Broad: Over the next 10 years this guy will take more wickets than anyone in the team, possibly even the world, fitness dependant of course. He is also very competent with the bat, at the moment he is top of the batting averages (70) for the tests vs South Africa. A hardworking individual with a good manner, and appears to love the game.

Ryan Sidebottom / James Anderson: This is totally down to the conditions. They are both potential match winners, I think Sidebottom would be in ahead of Anderson, due to being something different. Left hand bowlers are somewhat of a rarity so facing one is always going to bring up new challenges. Problem with Anderson is his consistency, he will take 5 wickets and be unplayable in one innings, and then bowl like a drain in the second. Sidebottom is however relatively slow, by test cricket standards. Compare him against Brett Lee, who would you rather face?

Monty Panesar: Spin spin spin, you need someone to bowl all day from one end in some circumstances and Monty is the man to do it. Probably the most excitable member of the team, loves a good appeal. Starting to field like a real cricketer (much to the amusement of the crowd) and is a determined batsman. Along with KP, he is the first name on the team sheet.

Simon Jones: If he gets properly fit again then he is a great asset to any team. Quick, attacking and dedicated. Very much a tail ender though.

Who else did I consider, and who are the next line of reserves. Batting wise it would be Strauss and Collingwood. Collingwood has done some of the work to prove himself a capable batsman but there is a long way to go still. Strauss seems to be better when he is popping in and out of the team, the tests he plays in he scores big. Maybe this is a problem with central contracting?

It wont be long until Harmy and Hoggard are going to be knocking at the door again. Twenty 20 finals day Harmy was bowling quick, 92/93mph gives a different meaning to quick. Get rid of the yips and you have a chance. Hoggard is experienced and knows what to do, maybe the body is fading.


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