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I opened this site back in January of 08, at the time of writing this around 6 months has passed and there are around 300 posts, 100 non spam comments and countless spam comments. I have just gone over 3000 hits, a Google PageRank of 3 and Technorati authority of 10. For my first soiree into the blogosphere I don’t think this is too bad. There is no way I have invested as much time into the site as I would have originally liked to. The early plan to do a overhaul of the skin has constantly been put on the back burner, where I suspect it will stay for a number of months yet. Logo needs to change too, but again, its finding time when I feel creative and up for it.

Only major change recently, you may have noticed, that I have turned off the daily Twitter overview post. Partly because I got bored of it, partly because it showcased how infrequently I was actually posting and partly because it’s not fair on Jaiku! I can’t believe anyone wants these back right?

Current goals, increase post frequency and get up to PR 4/5. Oh, and of course I am still trying to overtake that other Colin Mercer, the bugger who comes ahead of me on a Google search on my name. Damn scholars!

I guess, another update in 6 months or so…



  1. Richard Galbraith  •  Aug 5, 2008 @3:03 pm

    this site came first when i just search colin mercer in google bud, i also want to own my name, so thought i’d test out how you’re getting along, better than me is the answer!

  2. admin  •  Aug 5, 2008 @7:49 pm

    Thats exciting… i win! i come second 🙁

    I guess you were on yeah?

  3. Mbuckingham  •  Aug 8, 2008 @1:58 pm

    Way t’ Go Colin…. Keep it up, looks like ur doing just fine m8!

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