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You know those days, when all you want to do is run away and hide from certain things, be it people, work, a certain situation, it only takes something very simple to pull you away from this feeling. Today has been one of those days, everything piling up, expectations growing, accomplishments diminishing, planning out the window, brilliant. Who would have thought that a company, who I have had no dealing with in the past, would be able to bring me out of this slump, temporarily at least.

Some of you will have seen my Twitter or Facebook where I mentioned a little letter I received from Churchill car insurance today, basically stipulating that I have no cover with them anymore and that I haven’t had for a (they don’t deserve a hyperlink) month. You’d think they could have sent me a letter about this earlier?!?

[Legal bit] Luckily I haven’t driven my car, or had it parked on the road, in the last month, phew. [/legal bit]

Just to clear up, it was not Churchill who brought me a shred of joy, but in fact my NEW car insurance company. A big round of applause for Elephant.co.uk *claps and waves*. Cheapest I could find, their policies start instantly and the lady I spoke to on the phone was most helpful and answered any questions I had. Of course I know she is only doing her job, but taking that little extra effort to do it well should always be highlighted. Everyone knows how negative people get over little problems which have a negative connotation.

Basically, well done Elephant, top work, lets hope I don’t have to speak to you again until this time next year!



  1. Andy  •  Sep 13, 2008 @7:57 pm

    It would have been great if Direct Line had also provided relationship advice when I crashed my partner’s car. It could go something like this…

    If you think this may be the straw that breaks the camels back for your loved one… press 5.

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