What did you do last Wednesday?


Oh really… you did, did you… sounds extremely interesting… now shut up and listen to what I did!

Just after lunch, I went up to London, nothing to strange in that, I work in London a fair amount as we have a second office there. This time however there was much more sinister motives a foot. [Insert War Of The Worlds music].

Let me introduce myself, I’m agent NicolinDJ-850 of the 7th Syndikate, and I was on a mission to find a man in a Tan Mac, Bowler hat and Dark shoes. Admittedly I was in on the trick so knew where he was and when he was coming but was still great fun. There were a load of great people there, who had all been drawn into the 7th Syndikate by email clues, online tasks etc etc.

What was the point of this I hear you ask, well the point was the destination. We followed the drill sergeant, Neil, through the streets of London, starting at the Albert Memorial, we went past the Royal Albert Hall into a Subway. In the subway we were made to march in time, much to the amusement of passers by. We ended up popping out across the road from the Victoria and Albert Museum (V & A ) which we continued to march up to, and entered. Walking through the V & A we ended up outside the Cold War exhibition, where there were drinks and snacks, also the opportunity to look around the exhibition. The exhibition didn’t officially open until the day after I went so its cool to get some exclusive access.

Unfortunately camera’s are not allowed in the exhibition so I have no photo evidence, however one of the highlights has to be the Oasis 7 sphere.

The reason I didn’t post this straight away is something which happened on Thursday afternoon. I was again in London (see future post on Miele), and we picked up a copy of the London Evening Standard, to my amazement, the entire middle page, double spread was a massive picture of the group at the Albert Memorial. Here’s the picture:



  1. James Whatley  •  Sep 30, 2008 @1:02 pm

    Nice to see you blogging about stuff like this dude.

  2. Mark Guim  •  Sep 30, 2008 @1:49 pm

    wow that’s freaking cool! Did you make it to the double spread? Can’t tell since you made the pic so tiny =P

  3. admin  •  Sep 30, 2008 @7:21 pm

    @James: Thanks, i think, i don’t entirely understand what you mean 😛 I will hopefully being expanding my blogging topictry over the next few weeks.

    @Mark: no i’m not, thats why i made the picture so small 😛 i’m about a second off the back of the picture 🙁

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