Ghostly Encounter


So far this story has only got me abused and shunned, yet I’m convinced it happened. It was not a dream, I did not imagine it, I actually saw a ghost.

As you will know from my recent update post I have just moved house, all was going swimmingly well until Thursday night last week. A very standard evening, sat around the house, watched some football, nothing out of the ordinary. Went to bed at a good time as I was back at work the following day.

Around 4am, I woke up (this is nothing new, I wake up between 4 and 5 every night), looked around my room and what did I see… my house mate sitting on the end of my bed. This was strange, but I guess explainable so I called his name and he looked round at me. Then he just stared at me, and kept staring at me however many times I asked what the f**k he was doing. The next logical action in my mind was to give him a nudge, assuming he was sleep walking or something. This is where the story gets sketchy, as I kicked him, the presence which I thought was my housemate dispersed in a cloud of smoke, best way to describe it would have to be wafting away. This, as you can imagine freaked me out, I literally lead there for a couple of hours trying to work out what the hell happened.

Anyone know any good night light shops?



  1. Ms. Jen  •  Oct 6, 2008 @9:30 pm

    Some folks believe that you can just invite the spirit/ghost to leave, others believe a more forceful approach is needed (holy water, exocism, the works).

    I have only ever lived in one house that was seriously haunted. We tried the nice approach, didn’t work. Tried the forceful approach, and it got a bit worse with some poltergeist activity. Then we moved and I had the same set of housemates at the new flat with no issues. So, it was that house.

    The question is, if the ghost comes back, is what is the energy? Curious? Quiet? Scary? Mean? What? That will determine what you need to do. In the place we lived in whatever it was was not nice and did not like us. Another time when I stayed at a B&B in Howth, Ireland, a whole bunch of spirits/ghosts showed up in a multi-person room and they just flowed around us and then left – no harm, no foul. To this day, the friends that I was traveling with talk about the incident in hushed tones.

  2. admin  •  Oct 7, 2008 @8:18 pm

    Hey Jen,

    How interesting, there have been no further instances to date. So for now i guess no actions are needed in terms of making the spirits leave.

    What sort of poltergeist activities did you get?

  3. Mark Guim  •  Oct 7, 2008 @11:15 pm

    i’m spooked. i shouldn’t have read this post!

  4. Ms. Jen  •  Oct 8, 2008 @3:39 am

    Loud thumpings, doors being opened and then slammed shut in plain sight, objects thrown down the stairs, etc.

  5. Adonis  •  Oct 10, 2008 @12:34 pm

    Who’re you gonna call? Dan Akroyd and Co are too old! 😀

  6. nikcko  •  Oct 11, 2008 @7:05 am

    Depends on the housemate surely? If it was jeffers it could have been the ghostley oder of his lip sweat?

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