Melbourne Day 1


Good to see I am already falling behind in terms of write-up days. Day 1 I am counting as Wednesday, Tuesday was still travelling…

So what did I do? Got up as ever a good start, got breakfast at the hotel, not brilliant but adequate. Couple hours work, and then went to check out the Malls on Bourke Street before meeting Caroline at a funky little coffee bar called Pellegrini’s. Not at all strange, until she mentioned that the head of the Melbourne Mafia hangs around there all the time. I watched my back to say the least.

We wondered down to Softbelly, which you will be hearing more about on Saturday, popped in for a quick beer. Random chat with Lloyd who runs the place, just happens to have spent many years in the UK, Millwall fan!

Back to hotel and a bit more work before sleeping. No dinner, weird for me.

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