Melbourne Day 5 – The MCG


What a strike of luck! Had been planning on heading over to the MCG today for a look around, when looking into the tour I read something about not getting a full tour on event days so hoped that today wasn’t an event day… But it was, and that’s the luck, Victoria vs Queensland in the final game in the Sheffield Shield. The play was terrible, final day of a four dayer and Victoria were still batting in their first innings, got themselves up to 800 (no idea why) before declaring 500 runs ahead leaving no reason for Queensland to do anything but block out for 60 overs.

Photo show, as I realised I haven’t put many pretty pictures up for a while, here’s the view and excitement on approach:

Once inside, which for the record only cost $5 to get in, you see the insane size of the place:

A cauldron of sport! Can only imagine watching a test match with 100k people there etc. There are loads more pictures on Flickr here. The only play which I feel is worthy of note here is the little slideshow below. Andrew Symonds was playing for Queensland after being dropped from Australia team due to going fishing instead of showing up for a game. Watch him comically drop one…


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    How do you manage to keep the comments away with spam? I been trying to handle my sports website but it gets filled with spam such as porn, crap and what not? Any suggestion would be welcome

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