First BBQ


Who says Easter isn’t a BBQ time? Or more accurately a Barkee-B-Q…

Good Friday is meant to be fish and no meat, but we cheated a little, we had both. Of course, first the BBQ had to get firey:

Chilli, garlic and ginger king prawn skewers to start, followed by hand made Bomhead burgers. Then chicken marinated in either BBQ or Hot Piri Piri sauce, sausages and hand made Barker burgers. Barker burgers had chorizo and parmesan in them, very good!

Few beers few ciders a bit of poker and the day is complete.



  1. Norman John  •  Apr 11, 2009 @10:09 am

    Awesome, we have good whether here too. Sun and 25 degrees. Today we’ll have our third BBQ this week 😉

    Cheers and happy easter,

  2. Colin  •  Apr 11, 2009 @10:11 am

    Hey Pal,

    Who said the weather was good? It was raining yesterday 😉

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