A Difficult Decision


Which urinal would you choose to use? Of course this one is slightly aimed towards blokes. Imagine you walk into the bog at a pub and are faced with the set up above, there is currently no one else in the room but the pub is busy so its likely someone is close behind you.

Which would you use? I will post my thoughts later…



  1. Stouters  •  Jul 6, 2009 @9:38 am

    Where’s the door? Much depends on which angle you come in from…

  2. Colin  •  Jul 6, 2009 @9:46 am

    The door is the bottom left hand corner…

  3. James Mackinnon  •  Jul 6, 2009 @9:50 am

    D – Leaving plenty of room for other people while not hiding in the corner as if you are ashamed (you might as well wee in the cubicals if you are shy). Also not standing next to the kiddie one. Obviously using the kiddie one is not an option unless you like wee splattered shoes. C is a good option too.

  4. Stouters  •  Jul 6, 2009 @9:52 am


    A leaves you side on. C is inviting guests, so to speak, as does D. E conjures up the spectre of a lingering presence behind using the hand drier.

    Though, in my experience, many of the younger generation (always wanted to type that) will wuss out of the debate all together and use a stall.

    Gods, I’ve thought about all this *much* too hard.

  5. BarneyC  •  Jul 6, 2009 @10:11 am

    Okay analytical answer coming up…

    Let’s cull the weak first: stall E has to go. No one wants that hum of a dryer in use over one’s right shoulder whilst having a pee let alone a dryer using accidentally touching one. (although it could present interesting alternatives to a shake).

    D&C afford “piggy in the middle” opportunities only manageable by the brave or self-assured. Definitely not stalls for the wee-shy.

    So that leaves us B & A.

    For those unaccompanied by their offspring (or at least day chargers) stall A is a no-no at the risk of being suspected of being a kiddy-fiddler.

    Therefore stall B is the logical choice for a straight, child-free male wishing for an non-overlooked, guilt free pee.

  6. James Mackinnon  •  Jul 6, 2009 @11:19 am

    I am sticking with D.

    I don’t think you have to worry about people standing next to you. If you choose D the next people in will prob choose B then A before you get a neighbor. Even if you do get someone next to you, you will already have had plenty of time to start weeing. Once you are midstream there is little or no chance of stage fright being a factor so it will be the new comer who is under pressure. In the unlikely event you get someone nextdoor before you start and you really cant go you always have the last resort of – shaking it as if you have finished, taking your time over washing your hands then shamefully heading for the cubicles once everyone is gone.

    If there are only the urinals either side of you remaining while you are still going you also stand a chance of winning a great victory of masculinity by making someone wee in the cubicles by your mere manly presence. Bonus. I think it is all about getting the consideration/self confidence balance right.

  7. James Mackinnon  •  Jul 7, 2009 @10:06 am

    What are your thoughts Colin? Does our choice reflect something about the type of person we are? or this just a way of weeding out pedos by seeing who chooses A?

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