A Difficult Answer


Read this first, then read on below.

The anti argument for each:

Goes without saying that you cant use the child toilet, as that would just be weird!

A) You don’t want to known as the Gary Glitter of your friendship group, getting a nice view of the child’s toilet next to you. Also, what would you do if a dad came in with his son, you can hardly finish off quick sharp and move now can you…

B) A popular choice, if you don’t mind the potential for being joined by a small child next to you you are looking good.

C) At first this appears to be the obvious choice, however you have to consider the next person coming in, you wouldn’t dream of putting them in a position of choosing between either pissing next to you, or by a child!

D) This one is ok, until someone needs to use the hand dryer, then they have a perfect view over your shoulder. Now nobody wants that do they! There is also the silent eyeballing you will get for not using the end urinal.

E) BSSSHHHHH the second you get near it the hand dryer goes off, the second you move, the hand dryer goes off. You don’t need that sort of distraction!

So, I guess there are 3 options, B, the floor or the sink!



  1. Nordic  •  Jul 7, 2009 @4:33 pm

    Surely, if you wear a “youth” sized box, you should use the child’s urinal.

  2. thealanmercer  •  Jul 7, 2009 @9:38 pm

    Has to be C – be confident, get in, do the business and once in full stream who cares comes in, pressure is all on them sidling up beside you.

    Next question is – when you go in there is already someone at urinal C – which do you choose, the kiddy fiddlers, the trapped in the corner or the rather dubious choice of going next to the person when there are others free.

    Really have spent too much time thinking about this

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