Dubrovnik – Croatia Day 3 Lapad


Early start planned, alarm set for 7.30 to get down to tourist information by 8. No go, alarm fail, didn’t get up till 9. Woops.

The plan for today? Got down into town and hire a car, why a car I hear you scream, to go driving! Where to… Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro. Three countries (if you include Croatia) in one day.

Unfortunately the entire of Dubrovnik was out of hire cars, so instead we caught the bus up to Lapad Bay. Via a rather long winded route, thanks stupid bus driver man, a simple task for him yet he clearly failed. Anyway, we walked around the stone beach at Lapad and found a good spot, with some shade for me to hide in at times and lots of sun for Tanning Barbie. We read the paper which was purchased purely on the belief that Amy Winehouse was dead, it was a copy of The Sun, which cost £3, for Monday’s edition, it is now Wednesday. Forgetting this quickly we went swimming, and someone had the idea to race to the swimming area markers. Lifeguard Barbie being a pro swimmer gave me a head start, which meant I won, by an absolute mile! If I said the real scale of my win it wouldn’t look great for me, but I shouldn’t really care as I was just happy to make it all the way to the markers!

We grabbed some lunch in a little place just off the sea front, nice and cheap and the beer was cold and yummy. The plan for the afternoon was to hire out a Kayak and go exploring. Finally a plan to hire something which came off. We had 2 hours on the Kayak, and 2 people to power us, we could go a decent distance in theory. And that is what we did, I think, I will check it out on a map once I get to the internet. Which by time I post this I will be, so we went about: 2.5miles.

For dinner we could only find one place we fancied, and it just happened to be where we had lunch. We both had fish of varying varieties, Sea Food Sick Barbie’s didn’t go down as well as mine…

We grabbed the bus back to town and went for a couple of beers in the Old Town, via tourist information who told us the requirements to get to Mljet in the morning. We expected a 9:45 am ferry, we were told it was an 8 am ferry which you had to be at to buy tickets by 7 am. The alarm got set for 6 am at that moment and we decided many more than a beer would be a problem. The beer we did have was rather interesting, a bar with Cow coloured seats, a DJ being accompanied by a drummer and a group of Neo Nazi’s (I’m sure) sat next to us.

Another note for the day, in the morning when we were walking through Old Town to get to the car rental place, we saw the changing of the guards (each end of Old Town has a gate, east and west) we followed the two guards and their ceremonial drummer all the way through Old Town. We will be in the background of about 90% of photos taken of them that morning, they cleared a really efficient route through the crowd. When they got to their finishing spot, the drummer said something to the two guards, we really hope it was along the lines of “you’ve got people watching you, do it properly”.

Today’s photos can be found here, and once again the ever growing collection of all pictures are here.

More tomorrow!
[Disclaimer – this post was written on Wednesday 29th July]



  1. Cesekberry  •  Aug 3, 2009 @4:47 pm

    I don’t like ‘Seafood Sick Barbie’ as much as the rest! Good pics though, nice memories 😀 x

  2. Colin  •  Aug 3, 2009 @4:49 pm

    Look on the brightside, there was no pic of sea food sick barbie! x

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