Valladolid – Spain Day 1


Before this little ‘story’ begins, I want you to go and check out my other travel related posts, come on, I’ve even hyperlinked it, it’s really easy for you…

Why I hear you scream, why would he put us through reading more of his posts!? Because I’m evil, and so that if I refer back to anything on previous experiences over the next few days it will make sense. What is the point of me being pure comedy gold on paper screen if the audience doesn’t ‘get it’? Have you done it yet? I’ll wait…

… that should be just about long enough, warning there will be a test at the end. Anyway, back to the point, today I’m off to Spain. To be more precise I’m flying to Madrid and then getting a lift to Valladolid, making today a work and then travel day. I’m writing this on the way to London, to work from there for the day, a 9am meeting meant leaving the house at 6.30am, fun-tas-tic. After work heading straight to Gatwick, which shouldn’t take too long to jump on the evening flight to Madrid landing rather late. Because of the rather late landing Sir NickoBeano who I’m staying with has offered to come pick us up, what a gent.

I don’t really have much more to add right now, if you care, I’m travelling with @Jefffo.

Moving swiftly onto the promised quiz (if you get these all correct without reading the previous posts you could win a cookie – but its unlikely):

1) Name three of the Barbies I’ve been away with
2) Who did I see drop a simple catch at the MCG?
3) What was the name of the kick arse shop in Melbourne?

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