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Ok so I don’t think I’m very original here, but if I hadn’t seen it yet there is a semi decent chance some of you haven’t either. So I thought I’d share…

I don’t know the origins of this, and I can’t be bothered to look them up right now. But isn’t it funny? If I saw that drive past me I would want a picture of it. In the same way I wanted a picture of the Hummer I walked past earlier that had learner plates on it. Seriously, who learns in a f**king Hummer?

(disclaimer: not a real image)

You like?



  1. Wendy  •  Dec 28, 2009 @11:20 am

    Huh? I’m puzzled. Is is a lorry carrying 2 smaller lorries – or is that the picture printed on the lorry?

    Love how the historical “I wish I’d had a camera with me” moment has now become camera/phone ->blogpost -> comments. Now I just have to remember that I DO have a camera with me.


  2. Colin  •  Jan 4, 2010 @9:48 am

    That is meant to be a picture on the side of a lorry, I don’t know if it ever existed though. It could be a bit of Photoshop action.

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