The Good And The Bad Reasons


You’ll know from my constant whinging on Twitter that I’ve been commuting to London recently for work. Today is a new low, terrible weather conditions and heading in. I just tweeted that there were 5 reasons not to go in, and only 1 advocating the idea of going in. So here goes:

Bad Reasons
1) Ice and abandoned cars on M40.
2) Severe delays and a reduced service on buses according to Ox Tube.
3) Radio advising to only make journeys which are vital.
4) It took 5 hours to get home yesterday.
5) I can do almost all my work remotely.

Good Reasons
1) There is one thing I need to do work wise today which requires me being in London, however if this place remains closed (as it was yesterday) this will negate the whole concept.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tommy  •  Dec 22, 2009 @1:26 pm


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