Oxford MCCU vs Sussex


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Royal Albert Hall


Last night I saw City and Colour, this is something I have done a number of times now. However, not often that you get to do so at The Royal Albert Hall!

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Quick Bull Fight Anyone?


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New Bike


As part of the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme I got this:

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Pre-Christmas Feast


The before…
…and the after…

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Snowy Oxford


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A Message On My iPhone


This makes me chuckle…

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Alexisonfire in London


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Fireworks Night Graveyard


This is the carnage that was left behind…

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The Feast Last Night


After a hard day in the gym yesterday we decided what better way to celebrate than having a massive feast… Sensible hey?

So as a side / starter we had a selection of random “Indian” food:

More accurately:
2 x Large Onion Bhaji
2 x Large Chicken Tikka Samosa
1 x Chicken Kathi Kebab
5 x Poppadom

Probably enough of a meal on its own, but no important to add the main course:

A massive pizza, well half Pepperoni and half Chicken, with some garlic bread.

No wonder I felt like I was going to explode for the rest of the night! Beer didn’t help the digestion either 😉

Who wants in next time? @nickobeano and @chiefinho up for it again?

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