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In Flight Entertainment


I don’t very often write an article about funny things I see, hear or watch but this is just ace.

Thanks to Mr Adamson for showcasing this through Twitter. It’s a nice idea, and a really good conversation driver for the airline, how confident I would be stomping on a plane I don’t know. Also got me wondering if he raps the emergency protocols if the plane is crashing?

My favourite airline story is from when the Pilot on my EasyJet flight to Croatia (you saw about me going there right?), when he did his little introduction he reminded us all that it was a no smoking flight and promised anyone who was caught smoking would be put outside, this was after we had taken off, get it? The same chap, as we arrived said to take all our belongings with us, however if we were to forget anything then to feel free to check Ebay for them later. Funny, and got me talking about him for sure…

What is your best flight story? Comments below are a good place for them 😉

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