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New York Day 4/5


Ok I know I’m cheating a little bit by combiningthe two days, but day 5 really does only include landing, getting off plane and driving back to the office. Nothing really of interest! So back to day 4… Day 4 and the final day in NYC. Got up, went for breakfast with Horsy and bossman. Swiftly back upstairs to get on with more work. Rushed around NYC trying to find the Fedex depot, finally found it and made friends with the girl who worked in there! You have to try extra hard to be nice to people when you need perfect strangers to do weird things for you! When reading the last sentence, please remove any sexual innuendos you are thinking of!

Once all this was sorted, it was time to go look at some pubs! My how tough hey? Well yes actually, ended up walking about 6 miles. One place was right by Grand Central Terminal, one the far side of Times Square, and a fair few between. One of which I was more than slightly suspicious of being a strip club. Whilst walking through Times Square, I noticed a gathering in the middle of the road so thought I best find out what was going on. It was live Guitar Hero (computer game) going on. People were putting their name down and going up to play on the massive screen. A funny combination of absolutely useless people and some really good people. After all this excitement I ended up back at the hotel to collect the bags and get a taxi to the airport. Where the carnage basically began…

So what happened at the airport I hear you asking… to be honest, at the airport not a lot. Got checked straight in, got boarding passes, got through security with no problems. Went to duty free, bought some Whiskey and pressies. Boarding was delayed by 10 mins because the plane came in slightly late, but no real problem there. Got on the plane, settled down, it was really quiet on there so Horsy went to sit on the other side of the gangway so we could both spreadout. How conciderate.

Next we hear the Pilot come over the PA system, telling us the bad news that there is a delay in getting a spot on the runway, there would be approximately an hours delay before we could take off. This was of course disappointing, not as disappointing as when the Pilot came on again about 20 mins later to say that one (of two) runways had been closed. Meaning there were 80 planes queued waiting to take off, and the same amount in the air waiting to land, approximately 2 hour wait. I guess it goes without saying that the ones waiting to land get a slight priority over us. I kinda feel that this was my fault, there was a point whislt waiting at the airport where I thought to myself: “I don’t know why people always complain about punctuality of flights, I’ve never had any problems”. The cabin crew put the inflight entertainment on early an fed us drinks earlier than normal so wasn’t too bad. I did notice a couple of things though which got me thinking. First off I thought it was weird that the runway ran over the top of a road with public cars on. A tunnel underneath a runway with aeroplanes on? I’ll go around thanks! We also had to taxi past the Americans Airlines terminal, I wonder if they were delayed as well, conspiracy theory states that they will have been flying all their flights out on time to make other airlines look inferior!

We finally got our spot to take off, we taxi’ed to the end of the runway where it was possible to look back along where we’d come from. Strange to see a line of 15 planes (majority of them big transatlantic planes like ours) lined up. Like you would expect to see in car form queuing for a car park or something similar. Taking the Britains love of queuing to another level! Other than few problems with the inflight entertainment there is little else exciting which happened. Had a little kip on the plane, but no where near long enough to not be totally jet lagged today 🙁

More pictures to come asap!

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