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Melbourne Day 3 – Earthquake


A slight change to normal morning today, work then breakfast before a bit more work. Then went to meet Martin for lunch, we went down to the Mitre Tavern. As described its popular, took a good half hour to get a seat. However once we did, got the food ordered and it literally raced me, I hadn’t got back to the table before the food had arrived.

I had dinner, 4 chips…

Oh, and for those worried, no I didn’t die in the earthquake (being called an earthtremor here), did I even know it happened? No! Not like the UK one last year.

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Oh yeah baby, felt that and I must be 150 miles away from the epicentre which is being said to be in Hull. I’m nearish to Oxford.

Just lying in bed, thought “WTF, someones nudging my bed” looked, of course nobody was. And it kept shaking whilst I could see nobody there. 4.7 on the richter scale apparently. More in the morning!

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