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Those who know me will know I, from time to time, have some problems with sleeping. Those that know me a little better will know that I’m always whinging about not sleeping… which has over the last week or so got a little out of hand and led me to be pretty sick the last few days. Boo!

Whilst bored at around 5am I started fiddling with my phone and thought that maybe Google could help me with my insomnia problem, the first thing I found was this on The article goes into a lot of detail about the symptoms, causes and cures for insomnia and from my experience it is all very accurate. A lot of the information I could personally relate to and plan on taking some of the advice in the cures section. Admittedly, I wont be trying the meditation/drug based cures.

The quality of this link is the sole reason for this post, I wanted to give some credit/kudos to the people who wrote it. I know it’s unlikely they will read this but who cares, I can sleep at night in the knowledge I credited them (great pun hey?). So thank you Gina Kemp, M.A., Tina de Benedictis, Ph.D, Robert Segal, M.A., and Suzanne Barston!

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