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Internet User Statistics


Comscore (via Techcrunch) have released their latest stats on global internet users. They have broken them down by region and volumes, which as you would expect has China at the top, with the USA second and Japan third.

I wanted to see how this related to population, similar to what I did for the Olympics and who should be winning medals. Straight to it (these are percentages of entire population):

Netherlands – 71.52
Canada – 65.07
UK – 59.58
South Korea – 56.64
USA – 53.44
France – 52.23
Japan – 46.99
Germany – 45.07
Spain – 39.08
Italy – 34.61
Russia – 20.47
Brazil – 14.54
China – 13.45
Mexico – 11.73
India – 2.81

So Netherlands are actually quite Internet savey, who would have thought it!?!

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