The Big Move


On the request of certain people from the office, I have been asked to write about me switching desks within the office.

An introduction into both, not that it is very easy to describe, but I started off on the researcher side of the office. With my back to the wall on General Researcher 1 desk, between CamCam “Takes it in the” Brown and “Big Rug”. Withers opposite, the Snatchinator and Alex around.

Now I’m moved to the exact opposite end of the office, on the accounts management side. Again I’ve ended up with my back to the wall, watching over the whole office… sorted. Stuck with some Ginger broad and an Amy.

So what do I think of the move… boringly I’ll say it’s different. The Ginger broad has bullied me into saying she is a full scale hottie… make your own decision on that in the picture below. The other let down with this side of the office is the need to do work, on the researcher side there was always a few mins spare to talk about totally random, usually slightly dodgy/inappropriate topics. On the whole, yes it is missed, but bring on the dosh!

Ginger Broad



  1. Donstickles  •  Feb 27, 2008 @2:37 pm


  2. CamCam  •  Feb 27, 2008 @4:57 pm

    Can we not join the tables together, considering we are all the coolest people in this damn place? Push it forward.. if they don’t like it, take it back.

  3. admin  •  Mar 1, 2008 @10:48 am

    1) Dons yes you are!
    2) Cam you cant drag me back, i worked hard to escape damn it!

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