Weekend Away


Lucky old me has got today off work, for those who know a bit about our company this is quite a rarity. Especially as I only requested it off on Monday, so thanks boss! Why am I off, well I was in London last night with some chaps and chapettes for a lovely evening in the pub, All Bar One to be more specific. And to be more specific again, it was Mobile Geeks of London IV, organised, promoted and hosted by Mr James Whatley esq. I digress, so in London last night, and I knew I was coming down to Brighton tonight anyway so got the day off and came straight down last night.

Very good idea in hindsight, means I am now sat in the pub with a cold pint of Beck’s Vier, the internet and the cricket on.

That’s about it for now, this is kind of an extended Twitter message, but worth updating my adoring readership on!

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