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Valladolid – Spain Day 2 Exploring A Mexican


I’ve been meaning to finish off these posts and get them up ever since I got back from Spain, it really is time to do so. Over the next few days you will see, hopefully, lots of them going up.

After waking up bright and early, OK stop there, what a lie. Our flight in was delayed which meant we didn’t get into Madrid until very late, and then had a number of hour drive to Valladolid. Luckily Nicko didn’t fall asleep… unluckily Vicko did meaning Nicko had no clue where to go. Funny scenes as you veer across lanes and slip roads. We survived, and got back in time for a beer, but there is always time for a beer, even when its 3.30am.

The plan for the day was to check out a bit of the city, grab some Tapas and head to the pub for some rugby. Sounds like a good plan to me, especially when we added in the siesta and Mexican we were going to have for dinner.

I will talk more about Valladolid tomorrow, as by then we will have had a much more in depth look around the place and actually taken some pictures. For today, I only captured one thing and that’s the Bullring. Unsurprisingly, that’s where they do the Spanish tradition of Bull Fighting. A totally pointless, ridiculous activity (not even going to classify it as a sport), saying that though if there had been any on whilst I was there I would have liked to go. Cultural experience and all that.

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Weekend Away


Lucky old me has got today off work, for those who know a bit about our company this is quite a rarity. Especially as I only requested it off on Monday, so thanks boss! Why am I off, well I was in London last night with some chaps and chapettes for a lovely evening in the pub, All Bar One to be more specific. And to be more specific again, it was Mobile Geeks of London IV, organised, promoted and hosted by Mr James Whatley esq. I digress, so in London last night, and I knew I was coming down to Brighton tonight anyway so got the day off and came straight down last night.

Very good idea in hindsight, means I am now sat in the pub with a cold pint of Beck’s Vier, the internet and the cricket on.

That’s about it for now, this is kind of an extended Twitter message, but worth updating my adoring readership on!

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