Common Courtesy Pecking Order


Something struck me when I was on the bus earlier, not a door or rogue bag, small child or scag head, but a thought. A thought which was sparked by one passing remark from an elderly passenger to another (yes you could say I was eavesdropping). The elderly lady was sitting in the single seat right at the front of the bus, the raised one which sits in front of the luggage holder, she must have been 70 or 80. An American family got on the bus, by family I mean Mom (get the American ref?) who was carrying little son on the chest and her Mom (I’m on fire here) who had the older daughter by the hand. The bus was full so they were forced to stand, just alongside me, poor buggers.

The elderly lady turned to the lady next to her after a minute and said “I would give her [referencing Mom carrying son] the chair but I don’t think you are allowed kids up here.”

This is where the thought struck me, I have been brought up, thanks Mum and Dad, to believe that certain situations arise where you should be courteous towards your fellow being and move ya punk arse. If I’m sat down and an elderly individual needs a seat I’d move, if I’m sat down and a disabled person needs a seat I’d move, if I’m sat down and a pregnant woman needs a seat I’d move, if I’m sat down and someone with small children needs a seat I’d move. But what if there is more than one person in need of the chair, who comes first? The elderly person? The disabled person? The parent? Or the Mum to be? Is there a pecking order for this sort of thing?

Without having any evidence to reference I will make some wild assumptions / speculations. I think that no one wants to be the person who ‘needs’ the chair, the elderly lady today will offer up her chair to the new Mum as a sign of strength, “I’m not old, I don’t need this chair”. I’m equally sure if the chair had been offered the Mum would have said she was fine standing, in a similar sign of strength.

What do you think? Drop me a comment with your opinions!

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