This Silly BNP Fiasco


Shhh, I’m sneakily writing a little article on my lunch break, don’t tell anyone from work…

So far today the radio has really annoyed me, all this talk of the BNP being on the BBC’s Question Time tonight, basically it’s all a load of crap. I am 99% against the BNP, what they are and what they stand for. This post is not promoting what they do or what they believe in, it does kind of contradict itself soon though…

In the recent Euro elections the BNP won 2 seats, firstly this is a terrible indication of the current state of this country, how can they receive nearly 1mil votes? *sigh*! Due to this they have to be recognised as a legitimate democratic party, unfortunately, which means that they have equal right to be represented on programs like Question Time up against the other parties. You wouldn’t stop the Green Party or the Monster Raving Party would you?

There are currently lots (number unknown) of people standing outside the BBC HQ protesting saying that Nick Griffin should not be allowed on tonight, claiming that the BBC are showcasing what the BNP stand for and therefore promoting their messaging (that’s the contradiction, I don’t like what they stand for but I’m talking about them), and of course it is entirely the BBC’s fault. Very little mention of the government, the Labour MP for the area who was on a minute ago (don’t know name), denied the fact that if the government had a real problem with the views of the BNP then they could shut them down and stop them being a party (according to Victoria Derbyshire from Radio 5).

My final point is about the protesters themselves, and another contradiction coming up, all this talk about Question Time is giving the BNP massive media exposure (same as what I’m doing, giving ‘massive’ exposure), the best way to stop them is to ignore them! Also, sure by the protesters attempting to silence the BNP and ‘prejudicing against them, is simply doing the same thing that they are complaining the BNP are doing?



  1. James Mackinnon  •  Oct 22, 2009 @3:39 pm

    I think the BNP should get tons and tons of exposure, everyone should check out there website and read all that they have to say.

    People are angry about all sorts and want to blame someone and while all you hear from the BNP is a 10 second sound bite people will start to come around to sort of shit they pump out. Engaging them in debate and giving them the time to explain their grand plans will mean they never win another seat. They are nothing like your proud/slightly racist grandparents and untill everyone sees that this will keep bubbling under.


  2. Colin  •  Oct 22, 2009 @3:42 pm

    Agreed, they are collecting votes from the angry and lazy…

    Are you going to be watching Question time tonight?

  3. Gil  •  Oct 22, 2009 @4:30 pm

    I agree totally with J. Let them have their say and make people realise that they are full of shit (hopefully people tonight will not be gentle with griffin). Yes it probably is a BBC advertising ploy, but the recent European vote shows we need to do something different, lets hope this is it. I have to say I’m 100% against the BNP and what they stand for!!

  4. James Mackinnon  •  Oct 23, 2009 @6:16 am

    I liked the bit about not being able to explain why he suddenly stopped being a holcaust denier, then saying he wasn’t legally able to discuss it, then Jack Straw saying that he could. Funny shit.

    I also like how he tried to make out that his support for Israel in bombing Gaza made up for his holocaust mixup. I think he should be on TV every night.

  5. Matthew C. Kriner  •  Dec 8, 2009 @9:03 am

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