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Quinto’s Shortcut


This morning had to walk down to St Clements to get the bus instead of driving out to Thornhill. Quinto decided to take us the ‘cut through route’. Decide for yuorself:

My route:

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Quinto’s shortcut route:

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It only added just short of half a mile… good result.

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This Silly BNP Fiasco


Shhh, I’m sneakily writing a little article on my lunch break, don’t tell anyone from work…

So far today the radio has really annoyed me, all this talk of the BNP being on the BBC’s Question Time tonight, basically it’s all a load of crap. I am 99% against the BNP, what they are and what they stand for. This post is not promoting what they do or what they believe in, it does kind of contradict itself soon though…

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