Tech Setup


Belated, but as promised here is my current tech setup. Admittedly, it does not include the two laptops I use, the Asus SeaShell or the Dell Latitude D830 (desk wasn’t big enough to hold the Dell).

I thought it would be nice to annotate it so you know what everything is…

There are 3 things in there which aren’t tech… can you spot them?



  1. Adonis  •  Nov 9, 2009 @6:05 pm

    Hat, Scarf, Sunglasses?

  2. Colin  •  Nov 9, 2009 @10:49 pm

    Close… there is no scarf though. I am not counting the cupboard protector under the TV!

  3. ryan  •  Nov 12, 2009 @12:05 pm

    Hat, glasses and, what looks like a tube of lube on the hat brim. Or cream of some sort. *Awkward silence*

  4. Colin  •  Nov 12, 2009 @12:07 pm

    Close, but no!

    The ‘lube’ is Bonjela… which is not the 3rd non tech thing… as it is an extremely techie product… *whistles innocently*

    Ok so maybe there are 4 things?

  5. Nicola  •  Nov 15, 2009 @1:46 am


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