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Cricket Stumps


Yes that’s right, cricket stumps, I am going to write an article about cricket stumps! Purely because they just did a feature at lunch in the cricket on how they work. Admittedly the TV is muted and there are no subtitles so I don’t know anything about them, as the saying goes “a picture says a thousand words”. Lets see, the facts, there are 3 stumps at each end, each 28 inches tall. The gap between them is sensibly too small for the ball to pass through. On top are 2 bails, but this is off topic, maybe worthy of its own post?

Cricket has been played for hundreds and hundreds of years, the first official references dates back to 1550, however it is suspected that the sport runs back earlier. In the last 15 years, one of the stumps has changed. How I hear you desperately asking… blame TV, but they have hollowed out the middle stump and added a little camera. This is the easy bit, its running the cables under the ground to get the signal back to the van that seems tough. They just showed the groundsman / technician (this is where sound would have been helpful) cutting cable runs, and digging holes to hide the wires. All seemed like a lot of effort, is the view it offers worth it? You decide…

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State of English Test Cricket


Boring cricket post time… well boring to many, but interesting to me, so there! There has been a load of chit chat on the radio last few days about the state of English cricket, and most recently the selection of Darren Pattinson. So what’s going on?

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Opening Nets


First nets session of the season is today, I’m hungover, tired and feel quite drowsy. This could be a problem! Expect pictures of bruises later today. Glad we had a little practice in Jeffo’s living room yesterday, my bat is however slightly bigger than a role of clingfilm!

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Muttiah Muralitharan – Living On A Prayer – Bon Jovi


Everyone know the man and the song? For those that don’t, here is the song on Youtube. In that case we can begin.

Muttiah used to bowl it legit, but then he realised you can’t beat the bat, like that.
You’ve gotta bowl on, with your arm half cocked.
It doesn’t make a difference if you chuck it or not.
You’ve gotta avoid Aussie umpires for life and give it a shot.

Whoa he turns it square, whoa where is Darrell Hare,
it’s not fair he’s chucked it all year, whoa bring back Darrell Hare.
Bring back Darrell Hare…

See Youtube for Darrell Hare reference…

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Barmy Army Songs


The best content is thought up in the pub, and this insert is no different. I will be publishing the lyrics for a number of songs sang by the Barmy Army whilst they are out there enjoying the cricket. The songs are sponsored by Chief “Lovejoy” Wiggum, aka he is a member of the army, and kinda Barmy too!

There are already a load of them posted up on the Barmy Army website, songs here, lets hope I can get a few that aren’t!

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Wednesday Cricket

cricket, random

Excitement building, just sent hundreds of emails about Wednesday cricket… the season is coming!

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