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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-14

  • @zacharye muwahahahahahahahaha… you get the picture 😀 #
  • @thenokiablog the situation was cute, the club/metal was FAR from cute #
  • @bensmithuk swanky! #
  • Whacking about #
  • Marseille fans are trying to raise 28million to buy drogba… funny #
  • @PaulieA At lords on a sunny day yes, in thecloudy conditions somewhere “swingy” anderson could be a better choice. #
  • @PaulieA i guess the problem is that its 1 match winning performance in 5. If a batsman got a century at a one in five ratio he’s doing well #
  • @PaulieA freddie makes another claim for selection #
  • @badgergravling Hi 🙂 #
  • @badgergravling I have a car, i love to drive, so me! #
  • Chinesse goodness #
  • @missdd chicken chow mein and spring rolls. You know where it is lol #
  • Working, Boo #
  • laptop slowly shutting down, bed time, first prison break series 3 though #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-13

  • 4 am sea swimming = fun. Regretting now as i have to get a train still slightly moist #
  • On train home. This is going to be the longest, most painful journey ever #
  • Kidneys fighting back. I don’t think they are very impressed #
  • Cricket time. We’ll see #
  • Lost. Getting Man of the match is never as good when your on losing team! #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-12

  • Morning twitter. Here begins an epic day. Home > Lords > brighton #
  • On delayed 917 from didcot to london. On it? Come say hi #
  • Baker street underground. Getting close now #
  • Lunch. Great morning for england. Someone send me a direct download link for nokia internet radio please #
  • beers for every wicket. Come on bowlers #
  • @ricgalbraith good spelling sir. Clearly predictive text playing up? #
  • @ribot you about? #
  • On train to brighton #
  • @ribot where in hove? I’m staying by the angel statue! #
  • punk rock kareoke. Come see me make a tard of myself again #
  • In some club. Its trying to be metal but failing. Cute really #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-11

  • Lets see if family guy cures insomnia. Probably not, helps with the numbing boredom though #
  • Jacket Potato with chilli me thinks for lunch, no cheese though, diet doesnt allow it 🙁 #
  • @Whatleydude no Tshirt of the day pic on flickr today! show us the magically tshirt of compliments #
  • Today’s main horror done and dusted. Loads and loads still to do! #
  • @Whatleydude WOOOP enjoy budio! #
  • Still in d office… fun friday night #
  • @ftchris certainly a success. Both for the 199, and for being the first at something 😀 #
  • @PaulieA do you feel responsible for jinxing bell? #
  • In pub with boys. @adamjohnstone and @felix ace #
  • Royal oak. Gin oclock #
  • Early night? As if, kill bill 2 on bbc #
  • Omg i just scored a ticket to lords tomorrow. Front ish row members end. Go me! #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-10

  • Swamped, not in lacuna coil terms though pitterly. #
  • @fleurhicks dont let @siobhanc hear you say that, she gets mad at me when im grumpy so i guess you’ll get the same treatmeant :S #
  • @missdd LIES! you need chocolate and a mcflurry #
  • Football again tonight. Lets hope it rains again #
  • Football knackering, but good fun. Some new cuts, some re-opened old ones #
  • Need to learn how to turn off from work. And to stop taking it to bed with me #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-09

  • Orlando Day 6 – Post Town #
  • @arnold cooooooooo-pon #
  • Home from holiday planning. Semi successful, semi unsuccessful #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-08

  • Orlando Day 5 – St Augustine Lighthouse #
  • @ricgalbraith Ha ha, when ya back sailor? #
  • Swim tonight, part of my new and exciting, 7 days a week, exercise regime! Football-swim-cricket-football-swim-run-cricket #
  • @ricgalbraith Frankie driving then was he? #
  • Gotta love not being able to find anything! #
  • Gentle half mile. Need to practice! #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-07

  • New night, same shiz #
  • I’ll blame it on jet lag again. 430 and counting #
  • Alarm waking me up will be a miracle. I’ll buy nokia a pint if it does! Sweepstakes on how late for work i am? #
  • No pint for Nokia. You cant wake up what is not asleep #
  • Breakfast time. Ace #
  • Google Reader down? #
  • @regularjen awesome pic! #
  • @bryan grmbl… refresh refresh refresh ftw 😀 #
  • @Darla you have a remote control for your grill? #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-06

  • 6am… i see a problem… here we go again #
  • Given up on trying to sleep. Bet i pass out now #
  • Got Crabs #
  • Auto Upload Embarrassment #
  • @ekai check out my new feedburner button 😀 Thanks for advice, it was as damn simple as you said!! #
  • @girlonetrack consider them like sunday drivers… useless! #
  • Anyone had this problem? #
  • @ceejay2222 where u off to mate? #
  • @SiobhanC “should” ? u say asif it wasnt? #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-04

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