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Auto Upload Embarrassment


This is something which I have been considering for a few weeks now. Recent months I have been using only my N95 8GB to take/post pictures to social networks. I have three tools to do this installed, ShoZu, Locr and Share Online. They will upload to almost anywhere between them, Flickr, Facebook, Ovi, Locr etc etc. All three of these have an option to auto-upload an image the second it is shot. I’m wondering, are there any horror stories out there of people auto-uploading a picture they really didn’t want to?!

The sort of thing I’m thinking about would be a picture of you with someone you shouldn’t be (having an affair are we?), being somewhere you shouldn’t be (parole breaking?), or doing something you shouldn’t be (the imagination can run wild here, but as its before the watershed I will use the example of happy slapping).

Got any stories let me know, personal experiences or “I have a friend who once…” are both fine.


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