3 Buses, 2 Planes, 3 Airports and a Taxi


Yesterday I arrived in Australia, after leaving the UK the day before yesterday. What did it take to get here?

[5 minutes] Oxford Bus – From end of my road, to Oxford City Center
[90 minutes] The Airline Bus – From Oxford Bus Station, to Heathrow T5
[10 minutes] 482 Bus – From Heathrow T5, to Heathrow T4
[690 minutes] Qantas Aeroplane Flight QF030 – From London, to Hong Kong
[510 minutes] Qantas Aeroplane Flight QF030 – From Hong Kong, to Melbourne
[30 minutes] City Taxi – From Melbourne Airport, to Hotel

1335 minutes, not bad! That works out at 22 ¼ hours. Not taking into account all the waiting around time, there was plenty of that too…



  1. Phill Price  •  Mar 4, 2009 @12:27 am

    So what’s that in miles per hour? I remember when I was in Paris the day o the Eurostar fire. A jouney that shoul have been 3 hours bus > eurostar> tube. Became bus> tgv> train> bus > bus > ferry > bus > tube. Took about 10 hours. Joy! Before we left I took the photo that is my avatar! 4:29am! Hope Australia treats you well. Phill.

  2. Colin  •  Mar 4, 2009 @10:38 pm

    Thats an insane trip, but I guess it’s a punishment for going to Paris 😛

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